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HAPN Leadership Award 2019 Announcement

Posted over 3 years ago

Hello HAPN Membership,

I am pleased to announce the HAPN Leadership Award 2019!

This award was started in 2009 to recognize persons who have demonstrated significant and exceptional leadership abilities impacting Hawaii.  Past Awardees include: 

2009 Cynthia Stuhlmiller
2010 Yvonne Geesey
2011 Amy Stone-Murai and Valisa Saunders 
2012 Allen Novak
2013 Lenora Lorenzo and Deb Kettleson 
2014 Wailua Brandman
2015 Lisa Steinmueller
2016 Joseph Giovannoni
2017 Stacy Kracher 
2018 Paula Vickery

Criteria for this award are as follows: 

Any Registered Nurse, resident in Hawai`i, who has demonstrated significant and exceptional abilities to be an agent of change leader in the following areas: Health Policy, Health Research, Health Practice, and Health Education.  These achievements have been accomplished within the state of Hawai`i.


I am pleased to announce that Nidhi Chabora, APRN, BC is the winner of the HAPN Leadership Award 2019!

 Here are a few things that Nidhi’s nominators said about her:

Nidhi Chabora, APRN, BC is an advanced practice nurse currently working at CARE Hawaii Inc., a psychiatric services agency on Hawaii Island. She is also the current President of the nonprofit organization SELF DISCOVERY THROUGH ART (SDTA) in Hilo, Hawaii. In 2015 she and NJ Moses created the non-profit organization, Self Discovery Through Art whose vision is to “nurture and strengthen the mental health of all people using the Arts as Medicine”. A second program Recovery, Resilience, and ReCreation (RRR) was created to gather evidence that engaging in the arts strengthens and builds resilience when combined with CBT/group support for individuals and communities recovering from loss across the life span. Participants’ artworks from both programs have been exhibited at the state gallery on Hawaii Island at Wailoa Center, the state gallery during May, Mental Health Awareness month in 2013 and 2017 respectively. The RRR program was therefore fully ready and operational to address the heightened emotional distress that persists in individuals in the community in the post-crisis stage following the Kilauea Volcano eruption in 2018. Also called Bouncing BACK, it was funded by the County Council member of Pahoa District 4, private donors and Harmony on Tap. The RRR program completed its third series of 12-week sessions for the Pahoa community and was showcased at the recent annual conference of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Conference in New Orleans earlier this month. The positive evaluations from the 3 series show that the RRR program provided significant short-term relief and appropriate skills for long term recovery. Since 2013, SDTA at Care Hawaii, Inc has become a practicum site for UH Hilo, Psychology students.
Nidhi received the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Individual Innovation Award in 2012. SDTA was awarded the Professional Development Day grant from the University of Hawaii at Hilo in 2019 to address burnout in staff and faculty.

Please join me in congratulating Nidhi for her hard work and as the recipient of this year’s HAPN Leadership Award. 



Nidhi Chabora over 3 years ago

To all HAPN Members.
I am honored that all of you have voted to award me the Leadership award for 2018.
I feel privileged to be able to join the ranks of the other awardees before me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nidhi Chabora over 3 years ago

Correction: 2019.

Allen Novak over 3 years ago

Nidhi, you are well deserving of this honor which recognizes your leadership and the contributions you have made to the advancement of nursing in Hawaii.

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