Hawaii Association of Professional Nurses

Continue Your Support!

Posted 8 days ago by Bradley Kuo

Hello to you,

We are so excited to share with you that we have migrated to a new member management system with the ENP Network!  This new system will allow us to better connect with active members and improve member engagement.  We have been working tirelessly to make this happen over the past month. 

We will be sending out election ballots soon via Survey Monkey!  We have various offices open for election, so please be on the lookout for this message.  Please consider joining our leadership team by nominating someone you know who would be a great addition to our team or by nominating yourself as we work to focus our vision for nurses in Hawaii.  You must be an active HAPN member to vote and to be part of our leadership team.

Over the past year, our leadership has recognized the changing needs of our membership and the changing climate, both state and nationally, for APRNs and Advanced Degree Nurses.  The healthcare needs of our communities, across the state, continue to grow with our nursing leadership and ever more important as we work to meet our community’s needs.  APRNs have been opening their own clinics in their community and across the state.  APRNs and Advanced Degree Nurses continue to take the helm of leadership across the state at all level of business, in private and public sectors, at various levels of state and local government programs, hospitals, community clinics, and more.  We are working to meet these needs and working to identify and close healthcare gaps as we see them.

HAPN will continue to work with our members as we continue to increase awareness of the contributions of APRNs and Advanced Degree Nurses in our communities and across the state.  We will work to make space for our members to network with peers through formal and informal events.  Our educational offerings will continue to be supported by our relationship with AANP as an organizational member with CEUs relevant to APRNs and Advanced Degree Nurses. 

We hope you will consider joining HAPN again to lend your support through your membership and involvement through formal and informal events and through committee and organizational leadership.  HAPN will continue to move our message forward, but we need you to be part of this movement too!

Thank you for considering renewing your membership!


Bradley Kuo

HAPN President